These pictures are from a variety of projects I have worked on

Just click the previews to open a larger image. These pix are rather old and I will add some new ones soon.

1. An omnidirectional antenna for the 225 - 400MHz comms band (removed from its radome)

2. My photo of a large Band III TV antenna in the Middle East....

3. ... and this was the view looking down from more than 300m!

4. A four-mast, dual-frequency directional MF array in the UK

5. A lightweight carbon/glass fibre mast for military and other services needing a quickly erected support for small antennas

6. A grid dish for military use, The challenge was to make something almost indes- tructible.

7. A lightweight kit that can be put up and taken down with minimum effort.

8. Projects some years apart: A high-power MF radiator for which I designed the ATU, and a GSM base station



9. A very inconspicuous antenna for mobile use - you'll have to open the image to see what it is!

10. A typical GSM1800 base station with six sector antennas using microstrip techniques.

11. Working on an MF radiator - checking the painting. lights and stays.

12. Handing over another completed project to a client in East Africa.

Photo credits: All photos are used by kind permission of CSA Ltd.
All were taken by Brian Collins except 4, 5, 6 and 10.
BSC Associates Ltd., October 2016                                        Radio Communications and  Antenna Engineering Consultants