Antennas, propagation and ancillaries 
      This list shows some of the types of antennas, links and ancillary systems I
      have designed, brought into production, installed and commissioned.

      Antennas for worn devices Single- and multi-band PIFAs, MDAs, notches, and loops for pendant aand wrist-worn devices.

      Base station antennas

      Microstrip dipole arrays, patch arrays, vertical and dual polarized; Wideband, dual-band and tri-band arrays. Feed network design and optimisation. Arrays with remotely-controlled adjustable electrical tilt.

      Cables and waveguides

      Installation and measurement of coaxial cables and waveguide systems. Fitting and testing of terminations and pressurisation systems. Fault finding. Design of transitions, elbows, links and connectors.

      Compact anennas for consumer terminals

      PILAs, PIFAs, monopoles Dielectric-loaded antennas, loops, notches, wideband, dual-band and more. Design of platforms for GSM, 3G, 4G, GPS, ISM, WiFi, RFID, SRDs.

      Dipoles and
      dipole arrays

      Dipoles, linear arrays, circular arrays, folded/multiple-folded dipoles, dipole feed units, crossed dipoles. Wire, rod and microstrip constructions. Broadband loaded dipoles, NVIS antennas. Discones and bi-conical dipoles, coaxial dipoles, monopoles. Lindenblad antennas.


      Filters, sound/vision combiners, channel combiners and duplex filters,  MF transmitter combiners. Microstrip, coaxial, resonant ring and other formats.

      Handset antennas

      Internal multi-band PIFAs and PILAs, external stubby antennas. Dielectric antennas, hybrid dielectric-excited antennas and the optimisation of handsets for efficient RF performance.


      Gains to 20dBi, multiple helical arrays, dual and wideband helices, backfire helices, radial-mode helices. Cavity-backed helices. Bifilar and quadrifilar helices.

      HF Antennas

      Broadband dipoles, LPDAs, rhombics, quadrants, sloping and inverted Vees, conical/biconical radiators, arrays, feed systems, lightweight transportable antennas, reconfigurable antennas, NVIS antennas, covert antennas. On site maintenance and performance evaluation

      LF and MF Antennas

      Base-fed masts, shunt/skirt-fed masts and towers, umbrella and Tee antennas. Driven masts with passive reflectors and directors, multi-mast arrays, multi-frequency ATUs, multi-mast, multi-frequency arrays. Switching, transmitter combiners. Insulator system design. Ground system design. MF antennas carrying VHF and other antennas, lighting and sampling systems. Powers to 1200kW. Hardware specification, design, installation and maintainance.

      Log-periodic antennas

      HF, VHF and UHF log-periodics with conventional and novel geometries with linear and circular polarization. LPDA feed units for reflector antennas. Log-spirals.

      Loop arrays

      Novel HF active loop elements, loop arrays, steerable arrays, multi-beam arrays, transportable arrays, omnidirectional arrays, compact UHF loops/notches for consumer applications.

      and testing

      Extensive variety of parameters and methods. Near and far-field systems, SATIMO Stargate, SAR and PIM measurements, power tests, EMP tests. Mechanical and environmental testing and design evaluation.

      Microstrip networks

      Hybrids, power dividers, filters, wideband corporate feed networks.

      Panels and
      panel arrays

      Panels arrays for TV and FM radio broadcasting with dipole or slot elements. Panel arrays for broadcasting and mobile comms. Linear and circular polarization. Azimuth and elevation pattern synthesis. Broadband, high-power and military applications.


      Linear, dual-polar and CP patches. Rectangular, square and circular patches, stacked and parasitically loaded patches, linear and planar patch arrays. Slot-fed patches, patches with parasites for control of bandwidth or beamwidth. Linear and circular arrays. Conformal cylindrical arrays.


      Design of systems and analysis of groundwave, ionospheric, LoS, obstructed path, tropospheric, ground/air and ground/satellite propagation.

      Reflector antennas and feeds

      Grid and solid dishes. Stick-feeds, back-fire helical feeds, horns, corrugated horns, dipole and LPDA feeds.

      Power division networks

      Open line, coaxial, lumped-element and microstrip networks. Coaxial power dividers, hybrids and other components.

      VHF/UHF antennas

      Panel antennas for communications and broadcasting. Yagis from 2 - 20 elements, arrays of multiple Yagis. Dipole-fed, cavity-fed (UHF/SHF), TV receiving antennas.


      Hybrids, directional couplers, adjustable phase shifters, bridge networks, Butler matrices, cavity filters, combiners, baluns, coaxial components and transmission lines.


      Design of AM broadcast systems, VSAT hubs and VSAT terminal systems. Configuration of satellite earth stations. Remote control & monitoring systems, standby power systems, AISG interfaces.

Brian Collins, 1st January 2015
BSC Associates Ltd,
Radio Communications and  Antenna Engineering Consultants